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i' m a parent with a child on the spectrum, asperger' s, and many parents on one support board have posed the question if their child can join the military. many parents are reluctant to just ask a recruiter as some consider hiding the dx. asperger syndrome ( as), also known as asperger' s, is a developmental disorder characterised by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication, along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests. as a milder autism spectrum disorder ( asd), it differs from other asds by relatively normal language and intelligence.

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although not required for. jsp950 states that asperger' s ( so long as it isn' t disabling) may be considered, however autism would appear to be a straight no. since, asperger' s has no longer been a diagnosis according to the official diagnostic procedure, so anyone diagnosed post- will have " autism spectrum disorder". one gray area is the question of whether or not those with asperger’ s, a milder form of autism, are eligible to join the military.

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it depends on the extent of their autism and how highly functioning they are. if a person with aspergers is very highly functioning, they may even be fit for combat. soldiers with autism give army rare view into intel, and disorder the idf’ s unit 9900, faced with the sisyphean task of deciphering satellite images, has begun employing volunteer soldiers on. jon george also has a strong anointing of deliverance that has eliminated autism, asperger’ s, deafness, schizophrenia, bi- polar, military war ptsd, decades of suicidal thoughts, lifelong seizures, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, bedwetting, hepatitis, tormenting thoughts, as well as many other things.

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re: i have asperger' s syndrome. need help getting in. since no one here can diagnose you over the internet, a doctor' s exam at meps is required.

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Pdq from military service with us. I am in asperger s military service booking a similar situation to the original poster, and have been off all medications for 6 years. America' s military autism community.

I' ve known several aspergers who' ve been in the military, one who was even decorated for combat, so i think a blanket asperger s military service booking ban on aspergers is a asperger s military service booking bad idea. Asperger’ s are us is an american comedy troupe. Directed by alex lehmann. Furthermore disabled people should be exempt from registering with the selective service asperger s military service booking system, and be exempt from being conscripted into military service, should the draft be reinstated.

In this author' s portland adult asperger support group, there are three members who are former military. I told you all of this here. Product/ service. 8, 213 likes · 25 talking about this. You can be honest beforehand and not get in or you can lie, get in, get found out, and the best case scenario then is that you get kicked out.

Spectrum means signs and symptoms can vary from one child to another and range from mild to severe. In this coming of age documentary, four friends on the autism spectrum whom have bonded through humor and performed as the comedy troupe " asperger' s are us" will prepare for one final, ambitious show before going their separate ways. A friend of mine in high school who was diagnosed with aspergers syndrome at the age of 4 wants to join the army when he graduates. To the best of the author' s knowledge, this is the first article addressing this topic.

But, if you can pass an asperger s military service booking extensive criminal and medical background check and a physical and psych eval, then they may let you in ( but even then, it won' t be for too serious of a job/ responsibilities, or any combat). This article addresses specific aspects of asperger syndrome as manifested by personnel in military service. Our name reflects our aspie style of humor, which focuses on dark absurdism and wordplay, which aspies seem to enjoy a lot.

The doctor originally had her doubts about it but proceeded to diagnose me anyway. Are there any other aspies here who served in the military? This is a safe place for people with & without asperger' s syndrome to discuss the asperger s military service booking disorder. With noah britton, ethan finlan, jack hanke, new michael ingemi.

Aspergers disorder and the us military? American military families autism support. I moved to the usa from england when i was 19 ( alone, no family came with me) and shortly after enlisted in the marine corps. However, if the condition affects your ability to think and perform in any negative or limiting way, it will be a disqualifier for asperger s military service booking seal. Hello, we' re asperger' s are us, an absurdist comedy troupe who happen to be the asperger s military service booking first troupe of people with asperger' s syndrome.

You can continue to ignore it, but its asperger s military service booking not. Is asperger' s syndrome a disqualifier for military service? This may not be the most appropriate forum to visit ( and before people recommend i visit a military discussion board, i' m already one step ahead of you), but seeing as it deals with discussion in the. Asperger syndrome is part of the autism spectrum disorder ( asd). Can you join the military with asperger' s?

Nationwide children' s hospital' s center for autism spectrum disorders ( casd) provides services to children and adolescents asperger s military service booking with asperger’ s syndrome or high- functioning autism ( hfa). It really depends on the person' s social skill and their asperger s military service booking “ quirks”. You might be jailed or have other consequences. They don' t really asperger s military service booking let people with asperger' s into asperger s military service booking the military. Wing' s writings on “ asperger syndrome” were widely published and popularized. In 1994, asperger syndrome was added to the fourth edition of the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders ( dsm- 4), the american psychiatric association' s diagnostic reference book.

My son, who is 16, suffers from asperger' s syndrome, an autistic spectrum disorder, but he is very keen to join the army as an infantry officer when he finishes uni. We welcome everyone who would like to discuss as long as you follow the rules below. I was diagnosed with as asperger' s as a juvenile ( between ). If you would like to learn asperger s military service booking more about asperger' s syndrome, please take a look at our wiki.

I don' t believe it' s a disability that would necessarily preclude military service, but having a neurological and/ or psych- emotional diagnosis ( which many people with autism have, as anxiety and depression and oppositional- defiance issues asperger s military service booking are often comorbid with asds) is really probably going to be a problem for most. Will aspergers disqualify me from military service. Areas of need are evaluated, and a range of service options are discussed with the family during a treatment assessment appointment. Asperger’ s is one of the un- waivable disqualifications for military service.

I also do asperger s military service booking not take meds and i would meet army physical standards but i have heard people with asperger' s are barred from military service. My son was always a kind, sweet, mechanically inclined loner who hated going to any kind of functions anything with a lot of commotion, got overwhelmed with school projects if they. I have been diagnosed with asperger' s and while i do have minoe social issues i can function just fine. I was originally diagnosed with asperger' s syndrome at the humble age of 6. Hi everyone, i have several concerns i wanted to talk about regarding enlistment in the military. I have been unable to find anything in the military fitness standards about aspergers and i am curious if it would preclude him from enlisting.

Asperger' s asperger s military service booking syndrome. Photo of temple grandin, courtsey christopher gautheir I know people who disclose mental health diagnoses can be excluded from military service, and perhaps asperger s military service booking the person he asked assumed asd falls under that for asperger s military service booking their purposes, but i don' t know how rotc works in college.

They are the first comedy troupe consisting entirely of people with asperger syndrome, though their shows asperger s military service booking do not reference autism at all. The author hopes that this introductory paper to asperger syndrome in the military service will sensitize commanders to the existence of asperger syndrome in the active military service who up to asperger s military service booking the present who have eluded easy understanding and asperger s military service booking who, because of the severity of their manifestations, may, indeed, present substantial risk to. What are asperger s military service booking the signs and symptoms of asperger syndrome? If you can' t accept what they have to say now, what' s going to happen when one of them gives you an order in the field? Being in the military with asperger' s syndrome by tpierce » mon 10: 13 pm my son' s obsession has been the military ( airplanes and air force especially) since he was 3. I would be very grateful if anyone could help me with this issue.

When i was 3 years old i was diagnosed with aspergers disorder ( personally, i think it' s a bit ridiculous to diagnosis someone with a social disorder when they can barely carry on a conversation). Many people with autism, like myself do not drive, and are unable to perform tasks that are performed in military service, and have difficulty paying attention. Respect other users. Asperger syndrome is a developmental disorder that can cause asperger s military service booking problems asperger s military service booking with social skills, behavior, and coordination.

I' m just curious. I have known someone with an asperger' s diagnosis who did rotc but to my knowledge they did not disclose.